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June 16

COVID-19 and Net Operating Losses: Latest IRS Guidance
Hosted by Jason Dinesen, EA

The CARES Act rolled back the changes to net operating losses, retroactive to 2018. This means taxpayers with NOLs can carry back those losses up to 5 years back, and there is no limit on the amount of NOLs that can be used in a year. Because this change is retroactive, taxpayers and tax professionals need to look not just at 2019 tax returns with NOLs but also at 2018 tax returns with NOLs to determine the best course of action. This webinar will cover the IRS guidance in Revenue Procedure 2020-24 for how to deal with NOLs, including the 6-month extension of time (to June 30, 2020) for filing Form 1045 or Form 1139 for 2018. 


June 17

Working Remotely: Best Practices for Enrolled Agents
Hosted by Garrett Wasny, CMC, CITP/FIBP, MA
This Webinar provides a concise overview of the skills and best practices required to develop a successful remote enrolled agent practice. Discover the leading remote working technologies and how to avoid and address some common challenges of staff working off-site. Plus, you’ll find out how to effectively manage a team of professionals who work outside a traditional office environment.


June 18

Preparing Challenging Tax Forms: Schedule D, Form 8949, and Form 4797
Hosted by Beth Logan, EA
There is the tax code -- and then there are the forms. Even when you understand the tax code, you may not understand the forms: Where information should be entered, how the results should look, etc. This webinar will help you become more familiar on how to prepare some of the more challenging tax forms: Schedule D, Form 8949, and Form 4797. Attend this event and walk away better equipped to explain the return, in its entirety, to your clients.


June 24

How to Calculate the CSED and Successfully Contest It with the IRS
Hosted by Roger Nemeth, EA
This webinar will help you address one of the fastest growing controversies in tax resolution: the IRS Collection Statute Expiration Date (CSED). You will find out how to obtain the CSED and how to calculate the CSED. Bonus: Learn how to verify if tolling events have been entered correctly and if they qualify as tolling events.


June 25

A Real Estate Case Study
Hosted by Lawrence Pon, CPA, EA, USTCP
Our clients encounter a decision with their rental real estate. Their long time tenants have left and now your clients are wondering if they should re-rent their property or sell the property. Since you are not the real estate agent, you are in the best position to make an objective analysis of their situation. Many clients continue to be landlords and every year you hear about the soap operas of their rental properties. 


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