Bringing the EA Profession to U.S. Colleges

The Educating America program was introduced during a May 2014 NAEA Affiliate Presidents Exchange meeting as a 10-year initiative leading to the implementation of a standard taxation career program in colleges across the United States. Its primary goals are to enhance the recognition of enrolled agents and educate students and professors about the excellent career opportunities available for enrolled agents. Tremendous progress over the years has allowed us to provide internships and career paths, increase overall membership and introduce a national license to a younger generation.

Today Educating America is NAEA’s primary vehicle for meeting potential new EAs, training them, and mentoring them along the path to their credential and career. The program provides opportunities to

  • attend campus job fairs
  • actively recruit new EAs
  • hire aspiring EAs as interns and much more!

Carried forward by a task force of NAEA members, an NAEA staff liaison, and our professional partner Gleim along with help from NAEA state affiliates, new (non-credit) license and academic certificate programs have developed technical colleges, community colleges and four-year universities throughout the United States. Learn how you can become a part of this exciting program! 


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“I believe the enrolled agent exam review course provided through the National Association of Enrolled Agents’ (NAEA) “Educating America” program enhances career opportunities for our students and members of our community. We also see the review course and earning the enrolled agent credential as a benefit to our accounting and business students. We have offered the review course since 2012 and plan to expand to all of our campuses, including our on-line division. We are also developing a tax certificate program to enable individuals to enhance their tax skills and progress in the tax preparation field. Furthermore, I see the review course as a benefit to other community colleges and four-year institutions around the nation.”
---Professor Nauri Ahmed, Northern Virginia Community College

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