“First Amendment scholars tend to focus more on the freedoms of religion, speech, and press than on the right of citizens to petition government for a redress of grievances, but that right is no less fundamental to the mechanism of our democracy. Even more than the voting booth, it is where the connection lives between citizens and those who represent them in government.”

Congressional Management Foundation

For its eleventh year, NAEA is hosting enrolled agents in Washington, D.C. for an opportunity to engage with fellow tax professionals and advocate for important issues with key decision- makers on Capitol Hill. The annual Fly-In Day is a cornerstone of the NAEA advocacy program and demonstrates our members’ commitment to fostering the enrolled agent profession and improving the tax system for all taxpayers.

Hundreds of enrolled agents have participated in the fly-in over the last decade. The next decade promises to be as full of new initiatives and challenges that impact enrolled agents. NAEA and its members will be there to provide knowledgeable, thoughtful, and persuasive input to key policy makers.

“It was stimulating to be part of the contingent of enrolled agents engaging in consequential and important tax conversations with the people who actually affect legislation.” NAEA President-Elect, Jerry Gaddis

“We appreciate that our senators and representatives allow us the time to share the taxpayers' concerns.”
Kerry Freeman, EA

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